Old favorite snake game with a few twists. Multiple levels, food pills and diet pills! Make your snake grow longer and longer by eating food, avoid obstacles on each level and avoid running into yourself! Make your snake grow shorter too and survive longer! See how far you can go!

© 2010, D. C. Meintjies.

For quick support and feedback you can send an email from within the LCD-Snake application or by clicking here.

Quick info:

  1. 1.You have 3 chances when the game starts.

  2. 2.Use the LEFT button to make your snake turn anti-clockwise.

  3. 3.Use the RIGHT button to turn your snake clockwise.

  4. 4.Eat food to earn points and grow longer.

  5. 5.Eat bonus pills to earn more points without growing longer.

  6. 6.Each diet pills to shorten your snake.

  7. 7.Your snake moves faster as the game progresses.

  8. 8.Make it to 500 and all your lives are restored!

  9. 9.If you get to 500 without losing a life then your scoring rate doubles until you lose your first life.

  10. 10.Tapping on the speaker grille will toggle the mute status.

  11. 11.Have fun!