Digits are raining down from the sky, and the only way you can eliminate them is by matching ‘em an zapping ‘em! See how far you can go!

© 2010, D. C. Meintjies.

For quick support and feedback you can send an email from within the LCD-Zapper application or by clicking here.

Quick info:

  1. 1.You have 3 chances when the game starts.

  2. 2.Use the LEFT button to aim (each tap increments your aiming digit).

  3. 3.Use the RIGHT button to fire.

  4. 4.Up to 150 points the number of digits per line increase steadily.

  5. 5.After 150 points the game speed starts increasing. If you the digits drop all the way down you restart at the slowest speed.

  6. 6.Firing 3 times without a hit counts as 1 drop.

  7. 7.The higher your score is the more digits appear per line.

  8. 8.Make it to 500 and all your dropped digits are restored!

  9. 9.If you get to 500 without dropping a digits then your scoring rate doubles until you drop your first digit.

  10. 10.Tapping on the speaker grille will toggle the mute status.

  11. 11.Have fun!