KiloFuel is an application for your iPhone that allows you to accurately track your fuel, service and maintenance costs for multiple vehicles, as well as view reports and graphs indicating your fuel consumption and costs. With KiloFuel you can determine which vendor’s fuel gives you the best consumption and view the vendor’s location on a map. You can store the location of all your fill-ups too, and track services.

You can:

  1. 1.Add one or more vehicles to KiloFuel.

  2. 2.Create a new fuel record.

  3. 3.Add a new service/repair record.

  4. 4.Manage locations and view them on a map.

  5. 5.View reports.

  6. 6.Export your fuel data as CSV (one for each vehicle) or history files.

  7. 7.Import previously exported history files.

KiloFuel is fully customizable so you can view a given vehicle’s consumption in mpg, Km/L, L/hrs, etc. and supports both US and Imperial (British) gallons. Currency denominations are automatically based on your location setting.

For quick support and feedback you can send an email from within the KiloFuel application or by clicking here.